Lolalites! unite!

so, you wanna talk about the lolalites

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So, this Lolalites! community was created for the current 7 lolalites, and any new members we see fit to allow to join. If you do not know a lolalite, you sadly cannot join this community, nor can you become a lolalite. Actually, if you don't know Lola, you still can't become a lolalite, for Lola is the "hub" if you will, of this community, both on livejournal, and in real life. If you do know Lola, and would like further information about joining this community, please contact her, or one of the lolalites and we will review your case and get back to you within 5-7 business days, unless we don't like you, then we may make you wait longer as a method of lolalite torture. Good luck!